Wyoming Adjunct Professor Loan Repayment Program

Information and Application Documents:

  • 2017 March Flyer-Deadline is March 10th, 2017. Applications can be sent in anytime before that date. 
  • 2017 Checklist -This document helps walk applicants through the steps to complete the paperwork. 
  • 2017 Application- Application must be complete, have signatures from teacher, school district and partnering Wyoming community college or University of Wyoming and be received by the WCCC by March 10th, 2017 to be considered for funding that would start Fall 2017 semester.  Applicants will be notified of approval no later than April 21st, 2017. 

New funds were appropriated by the Legislature in early 2016 those funds are available for application in October 2016 and funding of the applications would start Spring 2017.The ($95,000) was not fully obligated by the first round of applications so the second round will be accepted in March 2017.

Document for applicants who have already been accepted into the program: