Commissioners are responsible for advocating for the colleges and ensuring compliance with regulations in accordance with Wyoming Statutes. They are also responsible for prioritizing capital construction projects among the seven colleges, using a capital construction modeling program created for the WCCC, and forwarding their recommendations to the State Construction Department. The Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate appoints the seven commissioners. No less than three or more than four appointed commissioners shall be from counties in which a community college district is located. No more than 75% of the members shall be of the same political party. Commissioners serve four year terms with the option to continue service for one additional term.  The Commissioners are assisted in their duties by the Executive Director and a staff of twelve employees.

Commission Chair Saundra Meyer

Commission Chair Saundra Meyer

Evanston, WY

Term: 3/2011 - 3/2019

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Ex Officio Members: 
Mark Gordon, Governor
Jillian Balow, Superintendent of Public Instruction

Commissioner Larry Atwell

Larry Atwell
Cheyenne, WY
Term: 3/2011 - 3/2019
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Commissioner Bruce Brown

Bruce Brown
Devils Tower, WY
Term: 3/2011 - 3/2019
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Commissioner Katherine Dooley

Katherine Dooley
Powell, WY
Term: 3/2015 - 3/2019
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Commissioner Dr. Craig Frederick

Dr. Craig Frederick
Guernsey, WY
Term: 3/2017 - 3/2021
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Commissioner Dr. Jackie Freeze

Dr. Jackie Freeze
Rock Springs, WY
Term: 3/2017 - 3/2021
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Commissioner Julia Newman

Julia Newman
Torrington, WY
Term: 3/2017 - 3/2021
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