The Wyoming Investment in Nursing program provides funding (salary and benefits) for adding nursing teaching positions at the community colleges, making it possible for those institutions to educate more nursing students. The first year of operation was July 1st, 2003 through June 30th, 2004. They WyIN program operates under a sunset provision which occurs on June 30th, 2020. These funds are applied for by the community colleges not individuals. 

Associate Nursing Programs

  • Subject to appropriation by the legislature, the commission shall fully fund a teaching faculty position whenever a community college commits to expanding its college-funded nursing program capacity by eight (8) students. A community college shall be eligible to apply for the funding under this paragraph only if enrollment in the nursing program of the applicant institution was not less than ninety-five percent (95%) of the total college-funded nursing program capacity at the beginning of the most recent fall academic semester. Funding provided under this paragraph for the specific purpose of expanding a nursing program capacity shall be reduced by an amount equal to that provided to fund one (1) teaching faculty position for every reduction of eight (8) full-time equivalent students in the college-funded nursing program, as determined by comparing the beginning enrollments of the two (2) most recent fall academic semesters. Funding reductions shall not exceed the total amount of funding provided to a community college under this paragraph. Any appropriation made for purposes of this paragraph shall, in accordance with W.S. 21 18 205(e), be accounted for and distributed separately from the funding allocation model for community colleges;

Licensed Practical Nursing Programs

Or the WyIN faculty appropriation $500,000 of it shall be used to fund licensed practical nursing outreach program coordinators. Funding for a coordinator shall not be released to a college has signed an agreement with a community outside the college district to offer a licensed practical program in the community. 

  • The intent of this footnote is to assist some Wyoming communities in meeting some of the need for licensed nurses. 
    • The appropriation is meant to fund a coordinator at a Wyoming College, who will establish and manage a new licensed practical nursing outreach program. 
    • The intent is to support a new LPN outreach program, outside the college district, which begins after July 2005. 
    • The LPN outreach program coordinator position may be either full or part time employee of the college. 
    • Only Salary and benefits will be paid. 
      • The salary may be the compensation appropriate for an administrative-level position at the college. 
      • Support costs beyond salary and benefits are the responsibility of the college. 


Application Information

If a community college would like to apply please contact Amy Brockel to obtain an application information at