GED® in Wyoming

Wyoming has Official GED® Testing Centers! Each of the testing sites has a GED Chief Examiner® who supervises the administration of the Official GED® exams. Wyoming historically has over 1,800 candidates take the GED® exams each year with 1,400 completing the battery and passing. Each candidate may receive preparation for the GED® exams from one of the local Adult Basic Education Centers free of charge. You can also receive remediation after you test, if you worked with ABE.

Who is eligible to take the GED® exams?

Students eighteen (18) years old and over are eligible to take the GED® exams. Each candidate must meet the following minimum requirements:

A. Individuals shall be at least 18 years of age and not currently enrolled in an accredited high school, including those accredited by regional accrediting bodies and also those approved by the jurisdiction’s department or ministry of education.

B. Only persons who do not hold a standard high school equivalency are eligible to take the GED® exams.

C. Under no circumstances may the GED® exams be administered to persons less than 16 years of age.

Age waiver application

Students who are sixteen (16) and seventeen (17) may apply to take the GED®exams by submitting an Age Waiver Application (PDF). All candidates wanting to take the GED® exams, who are 16 and 17, are required to attend an Adult Basic Education program prior to submitting the Age Waiver Application. Students must complete the Official Practice Test (OPT) now called GED Ready™​ and score a "likely to pass" on each of the four exams. The application may be submitted for approval to the GED State Administrator®. Once the application is received at the state office, the State Administrator will approve and contact the ABE Program where the candidate prepared, stating that the candidate may begin GED testing.

Passing Standards for the GED exams®

In order to receive the Wyoming High School Equivalency Certificate, the student must achieve a minimum 150 on each Official GED® exam.

Non-Passing Score

If a student has not achieved at least a 150 minimum score, that subtest will have to be retested until a passing score is obtained. 


If the candidate has taken all four of the GED® exams and received a passing score on each exam and wants to retest, there are four approved reasons by the state for retesting:

A. When the scores do not meet the requirements for post secondary entrance, or

B. The candidate is eligible and trying to obtain a Hathaway Scholarship, or

C. The candidate is meeting workforce requirements, or

D. The candidate is enlisting in the armed forces.

Please discuss retesting with the GED Examiner® at the testing location.

Special Testing Needs

To ensure that all candidates are able to have equal access to the GED® exams, accommodations may be provided to the candidate. Each candidate is responsible for requesting accommodations for testing along with the appropriate accommodation request form. Each accommodation request form must provide the appropriate documentation to support the requested testing accommodations.

Accommodations may include:
• Audiocassette
• Braille edition
• Large-print or screen-magnification
• Calculator
• Scribe
• Extended time
• Stop-the-clock breaks
• Separate or distraction-reduced room​

For information regarding testing accommodations, please review this GED Testing Service FAQ or contact GED Testing Service directly.

Testing Fees

The cost of the 2014 GED test is $120 for the complete battery, or $30 per module.  Please check here for current locations.


Once the student has passed the 2014 GED® test, they will be issued a Wyoming High School Equivalency Certificate.

You cannot "get a copy of your GED" because Wyoming has never issued a "GED® certificate"; you do not "Earn your GED". The GED® is the test, not the credential.

Please make sure the address on file in ​MyGED is correct prior to taking the final exam or you will not get a copy of your HSEC and transcript and will have to reorder it. 

Duplicate Transcripts

Should you require a duplicate transcript for employment or post secondary education, you may request one.

Click here for information about your GED/HiSET/TASC certificate or transcripts!

If you are told your records do not exist, you may contact the State HSEC office for further assistance.

Duplicate Certificate

If you need a copy of your Wyoming High School Equivalency Certificate after passing the GED® test battery, you may request one.

Click here for information about your GED/HiSET/TASC certificate or transcripts!

If you are told your records do not exist, you may contact the State HSEC office for further assistance.

Contact Information
HSEC Program Manager
2300 Capitol Avenue,
5th Floor, Suite B
Cheyenne, WY 82002
Phone: 307-777-5897
Fax: 307-777-6567