Wyoming Investment in Nursing Graduate Level Funding

Who Qualifies

  • Applicants shall be residents of the state of Wyoming or graduates of a Wyoming high school.
  • It is the institution’s responsibility to find out if they have nursing faculty members interested in WyIN graduate level funding. The institution is responsible for informing the WCCC each year if they have interested faculty members.  
  • A registered nurse with a baccalaureate degree who holds an unencumbered license with the Wyoming Board of Nursing, who is accepted into a nursing program at the University of Wyoming leading to a masters/doctoral level degree in nursing or nursing education may be eligible for a loan to pay the unmet need of attendance. 
  • If the applicant is not accepted into the nursing education program at the University of Wyoming, the applicant may attend an accredited nursing education program at a university located outside the state. Loans awarded for applicants accepted into programs outside of Wyoming shall not exceed the loan amounts available for programs at the University of Wyoming. 


Steps to Apply

  • Contact the nursing department at the University of Wyoming.
  • Contact the Financial Aid office to begin the process of applying for federal financial aid as soon as possible. The FAFSA is used to determine the amount of WyIN assistance.
  • The FAFSA will need to be completed annually and submitted to Align®
  • Student must submit a letter to Align from the University of Wyoming stating that the program you are electing to enroll in is either full or not offered at the University of Wyoming. 
  • Follow up with the financial aid office and Align® to ensure that all the proper paperwork has been completed.
  • Graduate level students can only apply in the fall as that is when the allocation for these students is available, but it is advised to contact Align® in the spring to start the process and paperwork. 

Qualified Nursing Programs

  • A graduate level applicant must be accepted to a UW nursing education program. If he/she is not accepted into a program at UW, the WCCC can approve and pay for him/her to attend another school, but only at the tuition and course fee rate that would have been paid had he/she attended a similar program at UW.

Contact Financial Aid or Align® and Apply

  • Please contact the financial aid office of the college (or UW) where you are employed as a starting point. They may direct you to contact Align® to have them assist you in completing your paperwork. 
  • If you are not faculty and attending an out of state school, contact Align®.  
  • All graduate students will also need to complete and return the WOLFS Vendor Management Forms to receive reimbursement. This process can be slow so we must get this from you as soon as the state grants you approval. 
  • Align's toll free number is 877-322-5446 ext 9019.

Loan Payback

  • A recipient of a WyIN loan may repay the loan without cash payment by working in Wyoming as a nurse or nurse educator.
  • The faculty member and/or applicant may elect to work full time while also getting his/her masters/doctoral level degree, if this is done the time working while concurrently enrolled will go towards a portion of the forgiveness of the loan. The faculty member and/or applicant must continue to work one year past graduation date of the program at a community college or UW in order to repay a masters level loan in full, and must work two years past graduation date of the program to repay a doctoral level loan in full. If the faculty member and/or applicant does not work concurrently while enrolled, work must continue at least two years past graduation date and could be longer depending on the amount of money borrowed. 
  • Any default on the work repayment of the loan will result in cash repayment of the loan plus interest.
  • There are specific timelines for repayment to be met. For specifics on the tracking and updating of loan payback, contact Align®.
  • Align® is the loan servicing agent for the WyIN loans. To contact them directly please call 1-877-322-5446 or email WCCC@TheAlignTeam.org