2017-2018 Request for Proposals - NOW CLOSED

General Information Section

Resources and Policies Section  Revised for Performance history - 3yrs

Application and Assurances Section  Revised for Performance history - 3yrs

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Corrections Education and Education of Other Institutionalized Individuals Application

Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education Application (IELCE)

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Forms for Adult Education Application

Adult Education Benefits Detail Worksheet

Anticipated Service Levels and Activities

Budget Narrative

Checklist for 2017 Application


Cover Page

Full Cost Budget Form

General and Program Assurances

GEPA Attestation

Initial Budget Form

Instructor Information Form

Internal Self Evaluation Process

Non-Profit Documentation

Optional Activity 1 - Family Literacy Components

Optional Activity 2 - Workplace Adult Education Components

Optional Activity 3 - Distance Learning Components

Part II Adult Education Budget Form

Professional Development Budget Worksheet

Projected Match Funding

Forms for Corrections Application

Budget Narrative

Full Cost Budget Form

Initial Budget Form


Forms for IELCE Application

Budget Narrative

Full Cost Budget Form

Initial Budget Form



Additional Resources:  

     Adult State Directors Meeting -  Digital Workbook

     Integrated Education and training (IET)

     Clasp IET models

     REVISED: Wyoming Assessment Policy



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