Since 2014, the WCCC and the colleges have been working on the creation of a post-secondary data warehouse for use in analyzing data on a combined basis from K-12, the community colleges, University of Wyoming, National Student Clearing House, Unemployment, and a variety of other data sources. Over the course of the last several years, commission staff have embarked on a mission to achieve transparency with community college student data. This began as a small effort to collect student level data from each of the seven community colleges for the creation of enrollment reports. Once this was tested and confirmed to be a success, both the colleges and Commission realized the advantages of collecting more student data elements related to other reporting requirements and so began the effort to create a post-secondary data warehouse.

data warehouse diagram

As this effort moves ahead we hope to achieve the following:

  • A data warehouse that contains pertinent information on all K-12, community college and UW students.
  • The ability to use student data to perform predictive analytics to help students succeed.
  • Real-time reporting capabilities for colleges, the Commission, the public and policy makers on enrollment, completion, demographics, etc.
  • Additional employment data and employment outcomes for high school, community college and UW graduates.
  • Data consistency and reporting across all participating entities.

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