The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 has been revised under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.  Adult Education is addressed as one of the core partners and is Title II of the WIOA Act of 2014.  This strengthens the United States workforce development system.


     Final State Plan, 10-20-2016 (via Wyoming Workforce Development Council website)


Tools for local program self-assessment are available below to help programs determine their readiness and to use specific planning for transition into WIOA during the 2015-16 program year.


     WIOA Program Readiness Self-Assessment Citation & Reference


     WIOA Self Assessment Tool


     WIOA Legislation (Table of Contents, the Act, and Managers Statement)


     OCTAE: Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (FAQ, Job-Driven Training Report, Timelines)


     Making Skills Everyone's Business


     WIOA Topical Fact Sheets

Training and Guidance Letter