Wyoming Adjunct Professor Loan Repayment Program

Information and Application Documents:

  • The next biennium of funding will depend on the 2018 Legislature approval. We will post an update once we have more information.
  • If the program receives funding then applications will be posted in summer of 2018 for a October 2018 application deadline. The funding for those applications would start Spring 2019 (or later).
  • This program does not provide back-funding for coursework. Once an application is accepted and approved funding will be available for any coursework after approval date.  
  • If not all funds are allocated out there will be a second round of applications accepted in March 2019 and October 2019 until funds are all obligated.  

The last round of funds ($95,000) was appropriated by the Legislature in early 2016 and those funds are available for application in October 2016 and a second round was accepted in March 2017. Those two rounds of applications obligated all but $13,000 of the budget. The final round of funding was offered in October 2017.

Document for applicants who have already been accepted into the program: