Current Wyoming Statute assigns various annual review and reporting requirements to the Wyoming Community College Commission (WCCC). These reports are prepared for state agencies, the governor, and the legislature.

The following section contains various reports produced by the WCCC during the last three years. Older versions of many reports are available upon request. If you would like an older version of any of these reports, please contact the WCCC Policy Analyst at (307) 777-7226.

The following reports are a collection of the new and previously established partnerships that Wyoming community colleges cultivated and maintained during the previous three fiscal years. The essential multi-dimensional role Wyoming’s community colleges play becomes apparent in these reports. Serving as comprehensive community colleges, transfer preparation institutions, vocational educators, providers of workforce training and personal development education, and cultural centers, Wyoming community colleges recognize the need for collaboration, diversity, and dedication. Recognizing this, Wyoming community colleges establish and maintain numerous partnerships and agreements every year. These partnering relationships result in a variety of benefits not only for the students but also for the communities and college service areas throughout the state.