DThe State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement, or SARA, is a legislatively mandated program to be administered by the Commission.  The purpose of SARA is to allow resident institutions of Higher Education to join a consortium of like institutions in states nationwide, whereby those participating institutions recognize each others accreditation, financial stability and veracity of all online distance education courses delivered by that institution, and thereby allows that institution to deliver its online coursework within the state of Wyoming without further licensure, in the same way Wyoming institutions that are members of SARA are allowed to deliver online education in those member states.
There is, as a condition of meeting the National Council of SARA guidelines, required processes for complaint resolution.  Those processes are described in this form:
Should the need exist for a student to file a complaint with this agency, as described on the above link, that form can be found here:
Wyoming Institutions can apply for membership in SARA by completing the form at the link below and
mailing it to Larry Buchholtz, 2300 Capitol Ave., 5th Fl., Ste. B, Cheyenne, WY 82002
Once an application is received, reviewed, approved and forwarded on to WICHE, the institution will be 
notified and will be billed their annual membership fee directly by WICHE.
Questions related to the application can be directed to Larry at 307-777-7068.