During the 2013 legislative session Wyoming Statute 21-7-701 was created, the legislation established the Wyoming Adjunct Professor Loan Repayment (WAPLR) program. The program is designed to financially assist public school teachers in attaining necessary qualifications to become qualified to teach specific college level concurrent enrollment courses. To repay the loan the teacher agrees to teach the concurrent enrollment courses in a Wyoming school district for a two year period after becoming fully qualified.


Who Qualifies for WAPLR?

Applicants must:

  • Be a Wyoming resident as defined in W.S.22-1-102. 
  • Be employed by a Wyoming school district as a teacher defined by W.S. 21-7-102.
  • Be certified by and in good standing with the professional teaching standards board, as required by W.S. 21-7-303.
  • Be nominated by the employing Wyoming school district. 

How much will WAPLR pay?

During the 2013 legislative session Wyoming Statute 21-7-701 was created, the legislation established the Wyoming Adjunct Professor Loan Repayment (WAPLR) Program. The program was initially funded for the second half of the 2013 biennium with $100,000 and eight applicants were funded. 

The legislature reauthorized the program in 2014 and there was $160,000 to fund this program for the 2015 biennium. Applications were accepted in September 2014 and we obligated out approximately $90,000. Because there were remaining funds a second round of applications were accepted in September 2015 for the remaining $70,000. Any unused funds were reverted back to the state.

New funds were appropriated by the Legislature in early 2016 for the 2017 biennium. Those funds are available for application in October 2016 and funding of the applications started Spring 2017. A second round of applications were accepted in March 2017 which used up the majority of the biennium allocation for the program but there will be one last round of applications in October 2017 for the last $13,000 in this biennium. 

We will not know if there are more funds for the program until the 2018 legislature meets. If they do allocate money to the program the next round of applications will be accepted in October 2018. 

There is no set dollar amount allocated to each applicant. The entire cost of the coursework needed to become fully qualified will be covered if their application is approved. 

Steps to Apply

  • Applicant should start by contacting his/her employing school district to determine if they will be nominated for this program. 
  • The applicant should also be in contact with the Wyoming community college that has agreed to issue credit for the concurrent courses that will be taught after the applicant becomes fully qualified. 
  • Once the applicant has been notified that they are approved for funding they will need to contact Align® to ensure that all the proper paperwork has been completed to receive his/her funds. 

Loan Payback

A recipient of a WAPLR loan may repay the loan without cash payment by teaching concurrent enrollment courses in their school district for two years after becoming fully qualified. There are specific timelines for repayment to be met. For specifics on the tracking and updating of loan payback we ask that applicants contact Align®.

Align® Corporation is the loan servicing agent for the WAPLR loans. To contact them directly please call:

1-877-322-5446 or 307-772-9019 and ask them to assist you.