The mission and purpose of the Wyoming Community College Commission is to provide coordination, advocacy, funding and accountability for the Community College System on behalf of the State of Wyoming.


The Community College Commissioners and staff provide coordination across the system on all new program approvals, strategic planning, administrative rule making, consortium contracting, as well as creating system-wide goals and initiatives.


In addition, they advocate for both the colleges and their students, highlighting their pursuit of access, progress, and attainment of educational goals and objectives.


Through the use of a collaboratively developed funding allocation model, legislative appropriations are distributed using certain performance metrics that recognize achievement toward those adopted system-wide goals.


Accountability is achieved through the use of a centralized data warehouse, a system-wide data dictionary, and provided reporting tools that create transparent, real-time reporting capabilities along with the ability to perform predictive analytics of both student success and employment probabilities.

Commissioners are responsible for ensuring compliance with general coordinating, administrative, approval, review and reporting, and implementation functions in accordance with Wyoming statutes.

The Commissioners are assisted in these duties by the Executive Director and a staff of 11 other employees who are responsible for activities related to Commission Strategic Plan implementation, meeting support, administrative support, information gathering, and computing support for administrative hardware and software systems provided by the Commission to the eight colleges.

The Executive Director and commission staff work with various councils at the colleges in accordance with the WCCC Policy on Consultation.

Councils include the Executive Council, Academic Affairs Council, Administrative Services Council, Chief Information Officers Council, Data Governance/Institutional Research Council,  and Student Services Council.

The policies and procedures of each individual college district are the responsibility of locally elected boards of trustees. College administrators, faculty and classified staff carry out board of trustee policies and procedures at each college.