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Throughout the State there are a wide variety of courses available to students, although course availability varies by location.

Career Services Courses

All Wyoming Adult Education Centers have a Career Services course, but the content may differ depending upon how the program is structured. The primary purpose of this course is not only to provide an orientation to the program, but also an introduction to participatory learning, brain based learning theory, career explorations, and various other components. In most instances, the course is delivered face-to-face, but virtual aspects are now being integrated.

Workplace Literacy

These classes are taught by a local AE center in collaboration with an employer, an employee organization, or a Next Generation Sector Partner at a workplace or an off-site location that is designed to improve the productivity of the workforce.

Workforce Preparation

Local Adult Education centers provide literacy instruction designed to help individuals acquire a combination of basic academic skills and employability skills such as critical thinking skills, digital literacy skills, and self-management skills. These activities include competencies in utilizing resources, using information, working with others, understanding systems, and obtaining skills necessary for successful transition into and completion of postsecondary education or training, or employment. Workforce preparation skills are integrated in the adult basic education and literacy curriculum, therefore, occurring concurrently with adult basic and literacy skills instruction. Teachers integrate technology into lesson plans and all students have access to and use of computers and technology to enhance their learning and digital literacy skills.

Integrated Education and Training (IET)

The IET class provides adult education and literacy activities concurrently and contextually with workforce preparation activities and workforce training for a specific occupation or occupational cluster for the purpose of educational and career advancement.

Integrated English Literacy & Civics Education (IELCE)

The IELCE is a program of study for English language learners that provides educational opportunities to achieve competency in the English language and acquire the basic and more advanced skills needed to function effectively as parents, workers, and citizens of the United States. Instruction in the IELCE incorporates English as a Second Language (ESL), instruction on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and civics participation and may also include organized workforce training.

Laramie County Community College’s ACES program is the sole provider of IELCE for the State of Wyoming.

Bridge Programs

Bridge programs are designed to ease the transition to college and support postsecondary success by providing students with the academic skills and social resources needed to succeed in a college environment. Although the content of the course may vary at each center, the objectives are the same.

Transitions to College

Qualified participants may enroll in this course concurrently while enrolled in other Adult Education courses. The course is designed as a general orientation and transition to college program whereby participants begin to explore and understand the college environment, learn to identify and utilize campus & community resources to enhance the academic experience.

General Adult Education

These courses equip students with the skills needed to strengthen reading, writing, mathematics, and digital literacy abilities so that they are prepared to enter postsecondary education and/or the workforce.

High School Equivalency Certificate Preparation (HSEC)

In 2014 the State of Wyoming began to provide multiple pathways for individuals needing to earn a high school equivalency certificate. Today, students may choose to study for and take one of two HSEC exams: the 2014 G.E.D.®, or the HiSET. Targeted instruction includes:

  • Reading and Writing
  • Social Studies
  • Science & Mathematics

English Language Acquisition (ELA/ESL)

TThese courses are designed to help eligible individuals who are English language learners achieve competence in reading, writing, speaking, comprehension of the English language, mathematics, and EL Civics so that they are prepared to enter postsecondary and/or the workforce in the United States.

Concurrent Enrollments with CTE/Postsecondary Education

Qualified Adult Education students with a defined career plan may also be permitted to enroll concurrently in a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program of study or into a postsecondary program while completing a course of study in Adult Education. Quite often, local adult education programs in conjunction with their host college are able to provide tuition waivers to help ease the cost of concurrent enrollments.

Work Experience/On-the-Job-Training/Internships/Apprenticeship

In conjunction with the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, qualified participants can be placed into one of these training programs to develop a deeper understanding of the responsibilities and expectations of a specific career though hands-on-learning. Programming includes resume writing, job interview skill development and the appropriate use of other social capital skills as needed for careers.