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College and Career Readiness Standards

“Educational institutions are only as strong as the expectations they hold for students.” (US Dept. of Education) For many years, schools did not have consistently rigorous goals for students. This created challenges for students who moved from one state to another as well as for students who may have dropped out of school. But all of this changed with the adoption of the Common Core State Standards and the creation of the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education. These standards outline the criteria and goals for what students should know and be able to do while learning academic content.

Today, these standards guide lesson development in adult education and are the guiding principles around which high school equivalency assessments are aligned to.

To view these standards, please click here.

Employability & Social Capital Skill Standards

Employability skills are a set of skills and behaviors that are necessary for success on the job. Although these skills may not be listed in any given job description, they are common skills needed to do most jobs.

To view Wyoming Employability Skill Standards, please click here.

Social Capital Skill Standards for Wyoming can be viewed here.

English Language Proficiency Standards for Adult Education

Adult Education centers throughout the country are seeing increasing numbers of non-native speakers of English enroll. As such, standards for English Language Proficiency (ELP) are intended to address the urgent need for educational equity, access, and rigor for adult English Language learners. As with the College and Career Readiness Standards, the ELP standards guide instruction in the classroom and establish benchmarks for English Language learners. To view these standards, please click here.