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Commissioners are responsible for advocating for the colleges and ensuring compliance with regulations in accordance with Wyoming laws in combination with the community college system mission. They are also responsible for the following:

  • Establishing system policy priorities
  • Review and approval of the system biennial budget request to the Governor and Legislature
  • Allocating State fund appropriations to community colleges according to legal requirements
  • Approval of systemwide student tuition rates
  • Identification, review, and approval of college academic and technical programs
  • Annual identification and prioritization of new capital construction projects among all community colleges
  • Reviewing and approving legally required reports to system stakeholders
Wyoming capital building.

The Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate appoints the seven commissioners. No less than three, or more than four appointed, Commissioners shall be from counties in which a community college district is located. No more than 75% of the members shall be of the same political party. Commissioners serve four-year terms with the option to continue service for one additional term. A new Commissioner appointed to fill an unexpired term of a former Commissioner may still seek two additional full, four-year terms. The Commissioners are assisted in their duties by the Executive Director and a staff of eleven employees.

Current Commissioners

Megan Goetz

Commission Chair
Term: 03/2021 - 03/2025

Gregg Blikre

Commission Vice Chair
Term: 03/2023 - 03/2027

Dr. Jackie Freeze

Commission Past Chair
Term: 03/2021 - 03/2025

Dr. Patricia Flynn Elliot

Term: 03/2023 - 03/2027

Julia Newman

Term: 03/2017 - 03/2025

Micah Wyatt

Term: 03/2021 - 03/2027

Natalia Macker

Term: 03/2023 - 03/2027

Ex Officios

Governor Mark Gordon

Wyoming Governor

Megan Degenfelder

Superintendent of Public Instruction