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Adult Education classes throughout the State are small and students receive individualized attention whenever possible. Learning is at the student’s own pace where one student is not measured against others.

Who can enroll?

Any individual who is 16 years of age or older, has literacy skills below the twelve grade level, needs to earn a high school equivalency certificate, is an English language learner, needs to improve literacy skills for employment and/or post-secondary education, or to improve workplace productivity skills and employability skills is eligible to enroll.

16 & 17 Year Old Students

Programs are designed to for adults 16 years of age or older who are no longer in school. If a student is 16 or 17 years old, the student must complete an age waiver application form.

The Demographics page, the School District Withdrawal Verification page, and the Multiple Pathways page of this form must be completed. The entire application can be downloaded and printed in a PDF form from the link shown above. Completed pages should be presented to the local director / instructor before enrollment can proceed.

The decision to drop out of traditional high school when you are 16 or 17 years old can be a very difficult one to make. Undoubtedly, there will be numerous factors behind any decision to drop out of high school. Students who are thinking about dropping out should watch this short video which goes over some of the pros and cons of staying in school vs. earning a high school equivalency credential.

How can I enroll?

Before completing an online intake form, students are encouraged to find a program closest to where they live.

Individuals who would like to enroll in an Adult Education program in Wyoming must complete an intake (enrollment) form. This may be done in person at the local center or through an online enrollment form. Once an online intake application form is completed, a local director or an instructor will contact new students to begin the enrollment process. Before this contact is made there are several things new students should do to facilitate the enrollment process.

1) Wyoming at Work Registration

Adult Education students in Wyoming are required to create an account and register with Wyoming at Work. Students who do not have a social security number will not be allowed to register. In these instances, students should notify the local director of the inability to register when contact is made.

Once an account is completed, students should print (or save) the final page of the registration process as evidence of completed registration.

2) Multiple Pathways Form

Individuals in Wyoming who are enrolling in an Adult Education program to earn a high school equivalency credential must complete this form.

In Wyoming, students have an option of tests they can take to earn a high school equivalency certificate. To learn more about these different tests, please click here.

3) Educational Goal Plan

In order to provide the best service possible, local programs need to know the reason(s) for enrollment and what a student’s goals are. Completing this form helps to establish initial career pathways tracks and is crucial in the development of an individualized program of study. New students should download and print a copy of this form. Completed forms should be given to the local Adult Education center where the student will be enrolling at.

4) Career Planning

As part of the enrollment process in Adult Education programs in Wyoming, students are required to begin to identify a career pathways track. To learn more about this, click here.

Enrolling students should complete one of the career assessments and submit a copy of the results to the Adult Education program.

5) Learning Styles Inventory

Understanding how you learn is a very important aspect of a learning process. To learn more about the different types of learning styles, please click here.

Some Adult Education programs in Wyoming require that you complete a short online assessment to identify your own learning styles. Students may select an assessment from the list below. Once completed, a copy should be printed and/or saved to be provided to the local Adult Education center.

Online Learning Styles Inventory Assessments: (please complete only one)


6) Referrals

In order to provide Wyoming Adult Education learners with the best service possible, our centers utilize a referral system where appropriate inter-agency referrals are made to connect learners to such services as Workforce, Vocational Rehabilitation, TANF, Family Services, child care providers, post secondary institutions, and other relevant community service providers. Once enrolled, students will be provided with appropriate counseling to help determine if a referral is necessary.

All enrolled learners are required to sign a release form, so that appropriate student information can be shared between agencies. Learners may also decline this service.