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History of Complete College Wyoming

Complete College Wyoming (CCW) began in late 2012 with a strong team appointed by Gov. Matt Mead to advance student success and strengthen the workforce in Wyoming. We have continued to evolve, gathering support from partnerships across the state and a powerful alliance with Complete College America. We are committed to implementing strategies to “close achievement gaps, boost graduation rates and ensure every student has the opportunity to achieve their dreams.”

About Complete College Wyoming

Complete College Wyoming exists to build awareness of the value of college completion and develop institutional capacity to promote student completion among Wyoming post-secondary institutions. Complete College Wyoming is working to achieve Governor Mead’s educational attainment goal for Wyoming workers (age 25 – 64), which calls for 67 percent of Wyoming’s working age population to hold a post-secondary credential (certificate or degree) by 2025, and 82 percent to hold a post-secondary credential by 2040. This is essential for economic diversification and social mobility.

To reach this aggressive goal, Complete College Wyoming endorses strategies developed by Complete College America such as “A Better Deal for Returning Adults” and “Co-requisite Support” to encourage Wyoming institutions to adopt best practices for student success so our Wyoming residents achieve their higher education goals. In addition, CCW is committed to sharing completion-related data to promote statewide progress and transparency about our outcomes. This is made possible by a strong partnership between our community colleges, the University of Wyoming, and the Wyoming Community College Commission.

Complete College Wyoming is a team of stakeholders from across Wyoming including legislators, college administrators, faculty, K-12 superintendents, college trustees, and other governmental representatives